A Multidisciplinary Organization for Mental Health Professionals

Member Resources



 Minutes of prior meetings are included below.


Board Responsibilities



  •  Oversee the board to ensure they are acting in the best interest of the membership and the mission of the association 

  • Support the board of any and all responsibilities 

  • Responsible to offer and support additional ideas

  • Follow the structure that has been established by the inaugural board 

    • 4 professional meetings per year

    • 1 social gathering per year

    • 1 resource fair every other year unless otherwise agreed upon


Past President

  • Fill in when the President or President Elect is unavailable

  • Assist with special assignments for the President

  • Help reach out to the mental health community



The purpose of the Membership is to provide information on the benefits of membership, as well as managing membership applications, information, methods of payments and renewal processing. 

The responsibilities of the Committee Chair include the following:

  • Attend board meetings and collaborate with board members

  • Develop, maintain, print and distribute up-to-date membership forms

  • Collect membership forms and methods of payments for membership

  • Compile information from members into a data base, email list and future directory

  • Attend membership events to assist with membership sign-ups, membership check-ins and to promote membership

  • Contact members for renewal purposes, as well as any issues with current membership



  • Find location for the quarterly meeting

  • Do site inspection to find a good location

  • Negotiate rates per person for each of the quarterly meetings

  • Confirm dates of the location and book when the date has been set for the meetings

  • Coordinate with the Treasurer to pay the deposit

  • Create the RSVP, including the last date when someone can respond

  • Head count for each meeting

  • Manage the guest list, including their license and license number

  • Collect payment checks from mailed forms and attendees who pay at the door.

  • Confirm the total number of those attending the meetings, leaving some room for last minute cancellations and last minute attendees.

  • Coordinate with the treasurer to pay for the event the week prior to the event

  • Create individual name tags for all the registered attendees before the event

  • Have blank name tags the day of the event.

  • Find volunteers to help run the event the day of the event.

  • Manage the volunteers duties the day of the event

  • Coordinate with the site manager to have everything that is needed the day of the event

  • Have sign in sheet and name tags ready before the meeting

  • Arrive early to the location for any set up that the organization needs

  • Sign in all attendees to the quarterly meeting, greet them at the door.

  • Help new members acclimate the new organization

  • Manage the CEU list and have everyone sign in for CEU’s

  • Make sure attendees sign out at end of the meeting

  • Collect the name tags at the end of the meeting.

  • Clean up any of the organizations items that need to be taken with you.

  • Give all payment checks to the treasure



  • Finding and securing mental health professionals to speak on the topics decided by the MHPCV board. 

  • Reaching out to these professionals and confirming they are available to speak on the date necessary. 

  • Making sure that they have all the information about the time, date, and location of the event.

  • Letting the speaker know how the board is wanting them to tailor their presentation. 

  • Confirming the technology needed for the presentation and coordinating these needs with the speaker and the event coordinator. 

  • Connecting the CEU coordinator with the speaker so they can get all of the necessary information to Give An Hour. Which is providing our CEU’s. 

  • Getting all information about the speaker and the presentation to Kirsti Thompson at Give An Hour so the sign up can be put on their website. 

  • Stay in contact with the speaker prior to the event to answer any questions and confirm their availability. 

  • Arrive early to the event to meet the speaker and help them connect to the necessary technology. 

  • Write a thank you note to the presenter with a Starbucks card thanking them for their presentation. 

  • If payment is necessary for the speaker then coordinate who is donating the funds and that the necessary check is available at the time of the event.  

  • Help coordinate any products the Board decides to give away as a part of any MHPCV event. 

  • Coordinate with community partners when booths are available at any MHPCV event. 



The mission of our organization is to support mental health professionals in the Conejo Valley; to advance professional development and practice development; and to promote awareness about mental health among the general public and allied professionals.

The committee Chair is responsible for:

  • Attending board meetings

  • Recruiting, directing, and supporting committee members

  • Assisting in the development of an Outreach Contact Data Base (mailing list)

  • Developing and revising (as necessary) a Brochure describing our organization

  • Assisting in the development and dissemination of Meeting Notices, Event Flyers, and other materials pertinent to informing our mental health community

The function of the Outreach Committee is to ensure that mental health professionals in our community are aware of our organization, it’s mission, and the benefits of membership. 

Our committee establishes contacts with individuals and organizations providing mental health services in and near the Conejo Valley in order to disseminate information about our upcoming events including professional development meetings and social events.



  • Collection of dues from members

  • Collection of fees for presentations and events  

  • Ensures that bills are paid for those presentations and events  

  • Ensures that payments are made in a timely manner to cover meals and room rentals for events. 

  • Since the organization is currently in partnership with Give an Hour (GAH) :  

    • Coordinating with the local GAH representative regarding the posting of income and expenses to the MHPCV line item within the GAH budget 

    • Reconcile totals provided by GAH with those of MHPCV

    • Coordination between the MHPCV program coordinator, the staff at the event site, and GAH, who makes the payment from MHPCV’s funds. 

  •  Work closely with the MHPCV president and board regarding fiscal matters.



  • Sending monthly reminder one week prior to meeting asking for agenda items or new business

  • Attend monthly meetings and take notes and minutes for each meeting

  • Timekeeper for meetings to ensure that everything is covered on the agenda in a timely manner

  • Distribute minutes to all board members of each meeting

  • Create flyer for quarterly, or special events