A Multidisciplinary Organization for Mental Health Professionals

Our Community


Our Mission

To support mental health professionals in the Conejo Valley; to advance professional development and practice development within the mental health community; to promote awareness about mental health among the general public and allied professionals.

Our Purpose

  • PROVIDE collegial support and networking

  • ADVANCE professional development and practice development

  • PROMOTE awareness of all mental health services in our community

Our Uniqueness

  • The members of this professional organization represent a wide variety of mental health disciplines.  

  • Our membership includes but is not limited to psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, educational psychologists, licensed professional counselors, and social workers.

  • The organization encourages members to network actively and to share knowledge, insights and differing perspectives on mental health service delivery. 

  • Our association provides a means for disseminating information that increases professional competency.  

  • We promote opportunities for members to get to know each well, which facilitates making more appropriate referrals. 

  • We sponsor professional development seminars and workshops with leading experts and speakers in order to ensure that our members are well-informed regarding trends in the mental health field.

  • Our meetings are held at convenient sites to accommodate our busy schedules. 

Our Partner

Mental Health Professionals of Conejo Valley is proud to partner with Give an Hour, a national non-profit. Give an Hour develops national networks of volunteer mental health professionals capable of responding to those in need in our communities. We encourage all of our members to join the Give an Hour Provider Network to serve our local community.